Pool Bridge Photography Hides
The place to photograph Yorkshire wildlife!


Pool Bridge Photography hides, situated 4 miles south of York, offers wildlife enthusiasts and photographers the opportunity to capture various wild birds and animals in their natural habitat from purpose built hides. With Pool Bridge being managed under the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS), the farm was sown as meadowland over 10 years ago which has encouraged many species to thrive giving many different photography opportunities throughout the year.

There are currently 2 pairs of Kestrels at Pool Bridge with separate hides set up for each pair, giving photographers the opportunity to capture these beautiful birds with different backgrounds and perches. Kestrel hides are available all year round at the following rates:

Peak Activity - available when the Kestrels are feeding their young or whilst there is fledgling activity. £100 for one person or £165 for two people sharing the hide.

Normal Activity - available at all other times. £60 for one person or £100 for two people sharing a hide.

Brown Hare:
With its significant amount of meadowland, Brown Hares have thrived at Pool Bridge giving some great photographic opportunities of these elusive animals. Photographs are taken from either one of two purpose built hides, or from a pop-up hide, whichever is the most suitable for the position of the Hares on that particular day. Brown Hares are available from mid-February to April at the following rates:

3-hour Late Afternoon (starting 3 hours before sunset) - £45 per person.
3-hour Early Morning (starting at anytime after sunrise) - £45 per person.
Please note that early morning sessions are only available to those who have photographed at Pool Bridge previously.

Reflection Pool & Woodland Bird Hide:
Coming soon - please keep checking for updates!

Please note that ladies, gents and disabled toilet facilities are available on site as well as a cafe from March until September. If you are interested in booking a hide, or if you have any questions, please feel free to send an e-mail to info@poolbridge.co.uk or call Steve on 07872 107 284.

Gift Certificates are available and make ideal presents!

Partnership Opportunity:  We are looking to partner with a local wildlife photographer to enhance the photography experience of our guests. If you are interested in becoming a partner or you have further questions, please give Steve a call on 07872 10728