Opening Times

We are open 365 days per year from 7:30am until just before dusk or 9:00pm, whichever is the earlier.

Please purchase fishing tickets before fishing.  Tickets can be purchased from the café during opening hours, or from the 'Honesty Tickets' kiosk at all other times.


£7 for 1 Rod
£8 for 2 Rods

(Under 16's accompanied by an adult, OAP's and Disabled Badge Holders)
£5 for 1 Rod
£6 for 2 Rods

Evening Tickets 
(fishing from 4:00pm)
£5 for up to 2 Rods


COARSE Lakes Rules

  1. No access to the complex until the gate is opened.
  2. Barbless hooks only.
  3. All anglers must have a landing net in their possession.
  4. No Keepnets to be used.
  5. No cat meat to be used.
  6. Groundbait may only be used in a small pole-cup or feeder.
  7. Bait boats are not to be used on any of the coarse lakes.
  8. All baits to be used in moderation. Please take all unused bait home.
  9. Under 16's must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at ALL times.
  10. No loud radios, fires, swimming, heavy drinking or anti social behavior.
  11. No pets except with special permission.
  12. Do not damage any of the trees or fauna.
  1. A maximum of 2 rods to be used per angler and all anglers must have a valid E.A. license.
  2. All visitors to ask for permission to the lakeside on arrival.
  3. All cars to be parked in the car park. Permission for disabled parking to be gained from cafe prior to parking.
  4. Complex to be vacated by the time displayed on the clock outside the cafe.
  5. All litter to be taken away from the fishery please.
  6. The rules have been put in place to protect the welfare of the fish and the fishery and to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable day. Anyone found breaking any of the above rules will be asked to leave the fishery immediately. Please see one of the bailiffs or owners if you have any issues whatsoever or you would like to discuss any of the above rules.

Additional Match Rules

  1. Only Keepnets supplied by PBF to be used unless otherwise agreed.
  2. Please weigh and release all fish that are 10lb and over.
  3. No more than 80lb to be put in any one Keepnet.
  4. No floating baits or floating poles to be used in the PBF open-matches.